No progress in Ansals Highland Park, buyers go to H-RERA

GURUGRAM: Launched in 2012, the Ansals Highland Park project in Sector 103 has seen no construction work taking place in the last six months. More than 600 homebuyers are bearing the brunt now.
The buyers claimed that even though they had paid 90% of the total amount, the construction is only 45-45% complete. The builder had promised to complete the project in 2017.
Despite several attempts, TOI could not reach the developer for a comment.
Vipin Khanna, a homebuyer, said the work at the site has seen no progress in the last six months. When a group of homebuyers visited the site recently, they found a few labourers doing odd jobs. “When we visited the site on May 2, we noticed that the work had remained at the same level as it was six months back. Labourers were found doing odd jobs, while there was no engineer or officials present in the site,” Khanna said.
He added that after they visited the site, they realised that the developer had wasted their hard-earned money. “There is no update on the developer’s licence renewal as DTCP website shows it expired in 2016. Moreover, the Ansals are not giving us any positive reply,” he said.
Another buyer Navnit Tyagi said, “On seeing the non-responsive attitude of Ansals, the hombuyers’ association filed a case in HRera, Gurgaon. The first hearing will take place in July.”
“We have spent our savings for our dream home. We now hope that Rera will do justice. Most of us are paying our rent and EMI at the same time. We just want the developer to complete the project and rid us of this extra financial burden as soon as possible,” he added.
A group of homebuyers said that they had filed an RTI to know the reason for the delay in licence renewal but have not received a reply yet.
When the construction activity at the project site did not resume for months, the buyers organized several meetings with officials of Ansal to inquire the reason for the work being at stan-dstill and also about the details of the funds collected by them.
The developer informed them that they don’t have funds to carry out construction work. “As a matter of fact, the developers have also diverted the amount paid by the buyers for this project to other projects,” said Sanjay Verma, president of buyers association.
Pooja Jha, also a homebuyer, says apart from paying EMIs on housing loan as well rental, there is additional burden on them as they are paying fee for legal battle against the developer. “It is really painful as all of us are already under tremendous financial burden due to callous attitude of developer. There is no hope of getting justice and our dream homes in near future,” she said.


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