India ‘seen as a top market’ in retail, commercial realty

The realty sector in India is fast undergoing regulatory changes. The RERA Bill is a very positive law which brings in accountability to the industry. India is opening doors to foreign investments with tax and capital gain benefits. Industry status for the realty sector is also a shot in the arm. Allowing payment of the Capital Gains Tax under Joint Development Agreement (JDA) after the project is completed is a major benefit to the developers. zTo encourage foreign investors, the government has extended the concessional tax rate of 5 per cent on interest for qualifying foreign debt from June 2017 to June 2020. In another step, the government will grant Permanent Residency status to foreign investors who meet criteria related to minimum investment and employment generation. The Indian economy is maturing. With increased transparency and reduced impediments for investors, the inflow of foreign funds is expected to be on an uptrend. These changes will attract investors to all segments of the industry. India is viewed as one of the top markets offering good returns especially in the commercial and retail space. The top-end residential market in India is still nascent and we have leading developers who can do international quality construction. If infrastructure can be improved, a lot of funds will find its way into India for people to invest in second homes in coastal areas and hill stations.

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